You can’t do everything, and that’s ok.

I've been trying to do everything for a while now and losing my shit and crying on the sofa at least once a fortnight declaring 'I can't do it all'. I was so reluctant to drop anything. Terrified of 'failure' that I kept going, kept pushing to the point where I wasn't enjoying my work or my family. Marnie is very small still and I get very little time a day to devote to making which is putting me further and further behind on orders.

Over the last couple of weeks I've gone over and over this and assessed where I am and where I'm going with my business. Put simply, my children will only be this small for such a short amount of time and I'm not planning on having any more. Do I really want to be stressing about getting orders out on time to the point where my baby is crying for me while I try and pack them? No. So it just means changing the way I do things so that everybody gets the best version of me.

So I've decided to pull the business in and mix it up a little bit. I'm going to be blogging more and the shop will mainly stock limited runs of ready to ship items and digital downloads. Hoops will still be available but on a very limited basis. I'm going back to setting (most of) my own deadlines and focusing on my family. I used to blog about food from 2012-2016 at the now defunct The Cake Hunter but I'll now be writing about pretty much everything and hopefully interviewing some amazing women who have really do have a great handle on doing it all.

I feel very positive about the change. I've still got a creative outlet – because that's so important – but it feels much more manageable. It also means I can try my hand at many more things and create some easy tutorials on things like brush lettering, embroidery and Christmas baubles!

If you're still here and prepared to stick around, thank you! I promise you it will be worth it and as my children get older and life settles I will hopefully be able to expand the shop again. Your support has been so so wonderful over the last two years and I could never have imagined I'd sell half the things I have. I really hope you'll stick with me on this new path 🖤

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